Friday, July 16, 2010

A "Vintage" 50th Birthday

This was by far the best party I have done and the longest in preparation as well. It was done for my brother-in-laws 50th birthday party which was a wine themed party. This job took over 3 weeks to complete but was worth every minute. Everything you see here is edible. The "cheese" wedges are yellow cake covered in fondant, the grapes are rolled up fondant and the crackers are just circle fondant discs. The wine barrel is 6 layers of 2" thick chocolate cake layers shaped into a barrel shape, covered in buttercream and finished off with fondant that was hand tinted and rolled out to mimic wood grain. After applying the fondant, I used a pizza cutter to roll the indent of the wooden slats. After that I added the "metal" straps and topped off with more fondant grapes. The woode wine buckets are gumpaste slats that were adhered to the side of 4 2" layers of chocolate cake. The wine bottle in each bucket is gumpaste formed over a wine bottle and labels from his favorite winery were printed and laminated and added to the bottles for a realistic effect. The birthday boy was quite happy with his cake presentation.

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