Sunday, August 14, 2011

Who says size matters?!

I just had to post this may not be much to look at but it goes down as one of the largest cakes I have ever created! Finished product was 3ft by 2.25ft by 4.5 inches tall. It weighed 40lbs all said and done!

The clients were a private securities firm that train military personnel from countries all around the world. This cake was done for a 100 member paramilitary crew from Qatar for their graduation ceremony. The cake is the Qatar flag and has "Congratulations" in arabic written on it. (That was a little hard to do, but their translator said I did a pretty good job...whew!)

70th Birthday Present Cake

Here is a cake I did for my dad's 70th birthday celebration. Its a simple 1/2 sheet cake (white cake with fresh strawberry filling) frosted with homemade buttercream frosting and covered in white fondant. The cake is accented with a blue fondant bow, stars and picks with stars and "70" on them.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sock Monkey Birthday

This Sock Monkey themed party was done for a little boys 1st birthday party. His mom pulled out all stops by ordering the cake, matching sock monkey sugar cookies on a stick and banana shaped cookies for all to enjoy.
The mom sent me a copy of the invite which had the image of the sock monkey on it that the cake and cookies on a stick were designed after.
The cake was chocolate and covered in fondant and finished off with sock monkeys and his name.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Animal Print Baby Shower Cake

This baby shower cake was the biggest cake I've done thus far! It used 12lbs of fondant, 8lbs of powder sugar and 2lbs of butter. The top layer is chocolate w/buttercream, the middle layer is lemon w/buttercream, and the bottom layer is white cake w/buttercream. The mommy and daddy- to- be like jungle animals so this cake design was perfect for a family style baby shower. Congratuations to these future parents!

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Spanish Inspired Wedding Cake

Here is a beautiful wedding cake done for a wonderful couple here in Riverside. The bride loves the look of Spanish talavera tiles so I had incorporated those into the final design. The bird that you see on the center tiles were part of the overall theme of the wedding invitations and other aspects of the ceremony.
The top tier of the cake was three layers, two blue velvet and one white cake. The bottom tier is my signature triple chocolate cake all tiers are covered in buttercream.
Each tier was finished off with over 300 hand rolled fondant beads and hand cut fondant tiles attached to pegs. Each tile was then adorned with blue hand piped beads.

A "Dash" for the finish line...

Here is an organic cake done for a 5 year old birthday party...his name is Dash. The mom dropped off all organic and vegan ingredients to make this cake and a vegan 11" cupcake cake for her sister.
I have to say as scary as it was to delve into vegan cooking the end product was actually quite good. The cake batter cooked up pretty much like normal cake batter and it tasted great as well.
This #5 cake was cut out by hand and is two layers of my grandmothers white cake recipe and lemon curd center. The "road" is fondant and the rest was done in buttercream topped off with really cool hot wheels cars.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cowgirl up!

Here is a fun red velvet cake done for a lady who loves Country and Cowboys! This was a basic 2 layer red velvet cake, frosted with buttercream and fininshed off with fondant cow spots, pink fondant rope and bandana print.