Monday, October 11, 2010

Cowgirl up!

Here is a fun red velvet cake done for a lady who loves Country and Cowboys! This was a basic 2 layer red velvet cake, frosted with buttercream and fininshed off with fondant cow spots, pink fondant rope and bandana print.

Canadian Wedding Cake

This cake was baked by the client and given to me for the final decorative touches. Each layer is a traditional fruit cake that has been basted in Grand Marnier for about 6 months and it is delish!

The top 5.5" layer and bottom 8" layer were covered in marzapan then given to me to cover in fondant. I used a pre-tinted, chocolate flavored fondant on the top layer and finished off with stripes and decorative balls. Bottom layer was covered in traditional white fondant and given the diamond treatment with complimenting hand rolled buttons.

The whole thing was finished off with hand rolled chocolate fondant balls and placed on pewter stand.

The bride actually took a peek at the final product and was brought to tears! It was definitely worth being there to witness her appreciation for this cake.

Thanks to the grooms family for allowing me to be a part of their family's special day!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fun with Cupcakes...Its Just Not Cakes Anymore...

Cupcakes are the new thing and they are so versatile! Here are images of cupcakes requested by my many clients for various parties. With these little delights the possibilities are endless! Whether its using crackers, candies, marshmallows or frosting techniques I can set the theme of your party! If you have a need for an unusual cupcake, don't hesitate to contact me and'll be amazed in what we can come up with.
Thanks for taking a look!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Say Cheese

This was a tough one but a fun challenge! I was asked to do a camera cake for a local photographer's birthday. I tried my darndest to get the camera to look like a legit photographers camera...very difficult but the client was pleased and that's all that matters.

The cake itself is my signature red velvet covered in cream cheese frosting. The camera is my butter cake which has the density needed to shape and stack to get the achieved shape. I covered the camera in buttercream then covered it with black fondant. The lens is actually a crystal light drink mix tube cut in half and decorated with black fondant to give the apppearance of a camera lens.

Pink and Perky Bridal Shower

So this corset cake and matching cookies were done for my friends bridal shower. I used two heart shaped pans for the corset body and cut off the bottom tips of the hearts and placed them together. The cake itself was chocolate with chocolate pudding filling. I covered the cake with buttercream. The "boobs" are cupcakes put in place with dowels and covered in buttercream...I have to laugh because the boobs started off as cute little "A" cups and ended up "DD"'s! I just kept adding frosting...what can I say!