Friday, July 16, 2010

Pretty Princess Party

So, this has to be one of the cutest parties I have assisted in. It helps when you have a totally creative client who pulls out all the stops. My only part in this was the small polka dot cake for the birthday girl and 30 cupcakes (which 3 of them were sacrificed on the drive to deliver them. Some guy pulled out of a local side street and nearly t-boned my car so when I slammed on the brakes, the cupcakes went flying).

The birthday girl wanted all pink cake so everything was strawberry flavor. The frosting was my homemade buttercream and swirled on in a girly/cutesy style and tinted to compliment the party colors. Of course we used coordinating cupcake papers.

The mini cake was a 6 X 4 inch round strawberry cake covered with hot pink fondant and finished off with coordinating polkda dots.
More information on this party can be view on "The Savvy Mom's Guide" blog under the birthdays link.

Purse Cake

This was a purse cake done for a co-workers birthday! It was just round cakes cut in half, frosted with buttercream. The handle is actually a 9" long tootsie roll and the flowers are marshmallows and whoppers. It was a great presentation.

May Cupcake Wedding

This was my first cupcake wedding. It was so much fun assembling this 3 tier cupcake stand with 300 cupcakes! Flavors included triple chocolate, lemon, strawberry and red velvet. Each was topped off with a frosting rosette and placed in a handcup wrapper.
The bride and groom opted for a giant 11" cupcake as their cake to cut into.
The final presentation was fantastic!

April Showers Bring May Flowers

This May Flowers theme birthday party was for my niece's 1st birthday party. It was a flower theme so the cupcakes were adorned with different type of flowers like oreo cookie sunflower complete with m&m's ladybug, marshmallow mums, and candy melts pansies. My nieces personal birthday cake was a 8" chocolate cake covered in buttercream and finished off with her own ribbon maypole. The larger cake was chocolate cake and finished off with buttercream and fondant flowers and balls. The overall presentation was springy and fun and my niece had a blast!

A "Vintage" 50th Birthday

This was by far the best party I have done and the longest in preparation as well. It was done for my brother-in-laws 50th birthday party which was a wine themed party. This job took over 3 weeks to complete but was worth every minute. Everything you see here is edible. The "cheese" wedges are yellow cake covered in fondant, the grapes are rolled up fondant and the crackers are just circle fondant discs. The wine barrel is 6 layers of 2" thick chocolate cake layers shaped into a barrel shape, covered in buttercream and finished off with fondant that was hand tinted and rolled out to mimic wood grain. After applying the fondant, I used a pizza cutter to roll the indent of the wooden slats. After that I added the "metal" straps and topped off with more fondant grapes. The woode wine buckets are gumpaste slats that were adhered to the side of 4 2" layers of chocolate cake. The wine bottle in each bucket is gumpaste formed over a wine bottle and labels from his favorite winery were printed and laminated and added to the bottles for a realistic effect. The birthday boy was quite happy with his cake presentation.

Lambs N Ivy Style Baby Shower

This cake pattern was based on the bedding of the babys exclusive pattern from Lambs n Ivy. The cake was white cake with fresh strawberry and strawberry glaze filling covered in homemade buttercream frosting and finished off with the fondant. Fondant balls, flowers and butterflies adorn this cake. Order was complete with 25 butterfly sugar cookie favor pops.

Just Ducky Baby Shower

Here is a 3D duck cake done for a boy baby shower. The mom ordered matching duck sugar cookie favors.

Candlelit Birthday Cake

So, here is a birthday cake for a one year old. This is also the cake I decided I would try to make homemade fondant for...totally messy but it worked out. Turned out it was more forgiving than store bought fondant but it didn't set as well or roll up and hold its shape well either. It worked ok for this cake since there wasn't much intricate work.
The colors were based on the party invitations...that is where the candles at the base come from as well. All of the candles, dots and stars are cut out from the homemade fondant (which is just a bag of marshamallows melted and combined with shortening and loads of powdered sugar until you get the consistency of fondant. You get really soft hands after almost 30 minutes of having them encased in the hot marshmallows don't stick to your hands). The stars were cut out a few days prior and stuck with florist wire until they were dry.
Each tier was a different flavor: vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. Each was covered in my homemade buttercream frosting then covered with fondant and decorated with dots or candles. Then stacked up and finished off with the balls and voila! Cake complete.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

This is really where it all got started...

This is a topsy turvy cake or also known as a Mad Hatter cake because of its unusual shape. This is definitely one of my favorites; not only because I mastered this technique on my first try but because it was created for a baby shower to welcome my niece!

My nieces bedding was ladybugs and dragonflys so it was only appropriate to do a cake to match her bedroom theme.

This cake was "gi-normous"! It was two tiers of chocolate cake and one tier of white cake. Each layer was covered in homemade buttercream frosting and covered in light pink fondant. The actual technique of creating this topsy turvy style was super difficult and time consuming. Total hours put into this cake was 19 hours, baking time included. Each layer was stacked with graduated sizes of cake, stuck together with buttercream, then the sides were shaved down to get "the look". The top layer was a crazy technique of slicing the top layer on the diagonal, turning the top piece around to give it a tilt, then cutting out a center circle the same circumference as the layer above and frosting it all smooth to cover it with fondant. Fondant for those of you who are not familiar is a play-dough like material that you kneed color into (until your arms go numb) and then roll it out until its large enough to cover the surface (a great ab workout) and carefully smooth it down until it becomes one with the cake. It gives the cake a great sheen that traditional frosting cannot.

The leaves, ladybugs and flowers were all created out of gumpaste, another interesting material I like to use. Again it requires kneeding (you would think I would have fabulous arms doing all this kneeding and rolling) and you can cut shapes out and let them dry a week or so or roll up 1 inch balls and form into ladybugs. The eyes and black dots are just itty-bitty balls flattened and adhered with water to the bugs body. The green vines are just piped on with frosting and the pink balls are used to cover the unfinished edges between each tier.
I do believe this cake got a few "oohs and ahhs" which made it all worth while not to mention I heard it was pretty tasty as well.

In the Beginning...

So...many people I know blog for different reasons and it occurred to me that I could blog my various cake jobs. This would give me an opportunity to elaborate on each cake, sharing information about who the cake was for, flavors, techniques, etc. Sometimes those details come across in the photos I take and post on my website and sometimes the photos are just too understated. Even though two years have passed (I should have been blogging this whole time) I have decided to go back maybe a year and post some of the more bigger jobs rather than share all the minute ones in between. So, please excuse the "back blogging" on the past year and enjoy the stories behind each one of my creations.