Friday, July 16, 2010

Candlelit Birthday Cake

So, here is a birthday cake for a one year old. This is also the cake I decided I would try to make homemade fondant for...totally messy but it worked out. Turned out it was more forgiving than store bought fondant but it didn't set as well or roll up and hold its shape well either. It worked ok for this cake since there wasn't much intricate work.
The colors were based on the party invitations...that is where the candles at the base come from as well. All of the candles, dots and stars are cut out from the homemade fondant (which is just a bag of marshamallows melted and combined with shortening and loads of powdered sugar until you get the consistency of fondant. You get really soft hands after almost 30 minutes of having them encased in the hot marshmallows don't stick to your hands). The stars were cut out a few days prior and stuck with florist wire until they were dry.
Each tier was a different flavor: vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. Each was covered in my homemade buttercream frosting then covered with fondant and decorated with dots or candles. Then stacked up and finished off with the balls and voila! Cake complete.

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